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What to Do if your Homeowners Insurance Claim is Denied

Insurance premiums are paid to protect the homeowner in the even the unthinkable happens. Whether it is a fire, flood, or some other tragedy that strikes, homeowners insurance should cover the damage. However, there may be problems when it comes time to collect. What can be done if the insurance company denies the claim?

Public Adjusters can Help

Most homeowners have a general idea of what their insurance policy covers. They know they should read the fine print but the wording of the policy may not always be clear. It is a good idea to hire a pubic adjuster before filing the claim with the insurance company. United States Adjusters is an example of a company that can provide a public insurance adjuster to help homeowners. If an adjuster is hired before filing the claim they have the advantage of inspecting and calculating the amount of the damage first.

Investigating the Claim

The insurance company will send an investigator to view the damage and take statements from the homeowners. This often results in settlements that are far less than the damage or an outright denial. Homeowners may be at a loss to understand why this is happening after they have faithfully paid their premiums.

The reason for this is that the insurance companies are in business to make money – not pay it out. This can result in their investigators trying to twist the truth so they can say the damage was not covered by the policy. They may delay the process so long that the homeowner feels like giving up. This can cause a significant hardship when the damage is extensive.

Homeowners Advocate

Since the insurance company has a representative, homeowners should have someone on their side. An adjuster that works for the homeowner can handle all aspects of the claim. They can talk to the insurance company, take care of submitting all the paperwork needed, and help homeowners get the amount needed to repair the damage.

Because most insurance policies contain so much legal language it is difficult for the homeowner to understand everything. Adjusters have the training it takes to understand what is and is not covered in the policy. They will negotiate with the insurance company with the best interests of the homeowner in mind.