5 Year-Around Gardening Tips for Brighter, Beautiful Flowers

If you’ve ever visited a botanical garden, then you know it is indeed possible to keep bright, beautiful flowers blooming year-around. Here are 5 tips to helping you maintain a vibrant, gorgeous garden on an annual basis.

Use Crushed Eggshells for a Nutritional Soil Boost

This gardening hack is especially useful if you raise chickens for their eggs. If not, befriend a farmer to see if you can snag eggshells at a discount. Eggshells are high in nutrients, especially calcium, which is great for plants and flowers. Bake your eggshells on low until the interiors turn a golden brown, then crush them into what would resemble ashes. Incorporate the eggshells into the soil gradually, by hand, to give your garden a nutritional boost.

Plan Your Watering Days Around Rainy Days

One of the worst things for your garden is an overflow of water. It drowns out your efforts by floating your seeds and over-soaking the soils. So, to avoid a small flood, check the weather to plan your watering days around rainy days. On rainy days, watch the water levels to ensure your garden gets enough saturation.

Weed Your Garden on a Regular Basis

Weeds can choke your seeds and buds, making it harder for anything to grow in that particular patch of soil. Dandelions, while gorgeous, are some of the worst weeds for a garden because the seeds continue to blow off and replant themselves to spawn more. Pluck the weeds from your garden as soon as you see them.

Hire a Professional Gardener for Your Days Away

When you plan on taking a trip elsewhere for a few days, hire a professional gardener to tend your garden while you’re gone. Fortunately, most professionals are very affordable, and they will follow your gardening regimen perfectly. Call around, ask about services, provide specifications, and hire a gardener with experience and expertise in your garden type. You should also aim to protect your garden, especially if you have an especially large garden. Don’t be afraid to invest in industrial fencing Jacksonville FL, or wherever you are, to keep your gardening efforts safe.

Never Use Chemical-Laden Fertilizers

Chemical-laden fertilizers may help your plants along in the growing cycles, but they can damage your soil and make it harder for you to reuse that patch for future gardens. Some chemicals can even overgrow flowers and plants, causing them to swell with excess water. When possible, go natural with eggshells or composted fertilizers that you make yourself.

Consider these tips starters to a beautiful garden, rife with year-round blossoms. Remember, when in doubt, hire a professional gardener on a more long-term basis and ask questions to learn from a pro.

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