America’s Long Love Affair With Car Washes

The first car wash in America opened its gates in 1940. The place was Hollywood, California, a place where the impossible dream comes to life on the big screen. It was the perfect place for this simple mechanical wonder to come to life. Even cars back then were a relatively new invention and they were often the pride of a family, a gateway to freedom and luxury. It was natural that the car wash would spring up in this early love affair with the automobile.

The earliest car wash worked via conveyor mechanisms. It took your car through a full wash, just like today’s car washes. Of course, things have changed a lot today and people look at their cars differently. They aren’t quite as much of a luxury as they once were. With economical automobiles rolling off assembly lines left and right today, even the lowest paid American families can afford to grab a cheap used automobile and drive it away into the sunset of freedom.

Car washes have also made their home in movies and music. Few people would forget the disco classic “Car Wash” that pretty much celebrates the heyday of those contraptions. Things are a bit slower than they were in the 70’s, though, but there is still a great need for car wash construction California business owners can make use of. After all, people still take their cars to a car wash frequently. It’s just not the automated wonder that it once was.

Whether you want an automatic car wash or a simple DIY style car wash, there’s a construction company out there to help you bring a whole new chapter to the car wash in America. As more business owners have noticed a resurgence in their popularity, construction companies have rushed to make the menu for these remarkable parts of American history. When you open a car wash, you give people the opportunity to go back to the old days when people really cared about their cars. You give them the chance to routinely and cheaply clean the exterior and interior of their cars without a lot of hassle.

As the car wash continues to make its impact in American history, it might be time to look into constructing one of your own. Maybe you can make it retro or maybe you’ll improve on the original idea.

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