Three Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement

Finishing your basement gives you extra space in your home that you can use as a guest bedroom, a home office or a rec room that your whole family can use. Though some people are lucky enough to have finished basements in their homes, other homes feature basements with mold and mildew issues caused by water that seeps through the walls during a storm. Before meeting with waterproofing contractors Atlanta GA residents who own their own homes may want to look at some of the top reasons to waterproof a basement.

Less Structural Damage

The biggest reason to pay for basement waterproofing is because it reduces the amount of structural damage you experience later. Structural damage occurs when the water from the outside comes through the concrete walls in your basement. That water can freeze inside the walls and cause air pockets to form that eventually become larger and weaken the walls. Any water that reaches the basement can also cause significant damage to the floors and any furniture or other belongings you store in that space.

More Comfort

Does your basement feel so cold and chilly that you only use it for extra storage or as a place to store your washer and dryer? Basements in the Atlanta area and other parts of the state can feel extremely uncomfortable because there isn’t any insulation inside the walls. Waterproofing your basement helps you increase the comfort of that space and gives you more ways to use it. The sealant used on the walls stops moisture from coming through and can actually help regulate the temperature of the room. When your basement feels warmer and more comfortable, you’ll want to spend more time in the room.

Save Money

Though some people complain that waterproofing a basement costs a lot of money, you need to consider the amount that you can save over time. If your basement is prone to flooding after a minor storm, you’ll need to pay someone to come in and pump out the excess water or invest in your own sump pump. That water can cause damage to the walls and floors as well as your washer and dryer. Waterproofing helps you save because you do not need to cover these repairs later. Contact local waterproofing contractors today to see what your basement needs and to get an estimate on the cost of the job.

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