Vacation Rental Homes in The United States

There’s a new idea in travel these days, and it’s all about having an experience that goes beyond just being a tourist and experiencing the surface of things. Today the idea of sharing a home and having a “home away from home” experience is catching on. What’s more, using a travel site is also a great way to travel on a budget.

New Sites With New Travel Options

There are a wealth of new travel sites online today, like, that offer travelers a chance to stay in a private home when they visit a city, rather than book a hotel. Staying in a home is much less expensive than most hotels, and offers a real warmth that is missing in most hotels. These types of sites are an incredible, easy to use solution for people who are looking for vacation rental homes in the united states when planning a trip.
Beyond the comfort level a home offers, staying a home in a city neighborhoods offers a hugely rewarding experience to travels who really want to know what a city is all about. A clean and welcoming home in a great city like New York, Chicago, Washington or Baltimore will let a traveler in on what that city is really like and how it feels to live there. A traveler can learn about the kinds of restaurants and entertainment people who live there enjoy, not just the places that tourism bureaus advertise.
Staying in a private home can also be a way to meet great people who help to make a city vibrant, which is another added plus of staying in a shared home arrangement.

Renting Out Your Home to Travelers

These shared travel sites also offer property owners a way to earn extra money by offering their homes out as rental units to travelers. Property owners can post photos of their rentals on the site with detailed information about the area the home is located in and about the home itself. Travelers who are interested can contact the owner through the site, and arrange for a rental stay.

There’s no doubt that these types of travel sites offer a win-win arrangement for both travelers who want to truly engage with a city, and for property owners who are open to earning extra cash.

So, next time you are planning a vacation, take a look at some of the great online sites for rentals before booking that hotel!

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